The House family tree goes back to 1636 in America, and other branches connect to the Pilgrims (John Alden, Miles Standish, Edward Doty, etc.) This page contains most of the information I was able to find in various places, including the Massachusetts State Archives, the book The History of Hanover, and the book Shipbuilding on the North River.

The first two links are gif images, which are diagrams of the family tree. The first diagram is the "House" lineage; the second diagram is the "Pilgrim" lineage, largely descending on the female side. It is rather difficult to see how these two "Tree Diagrams" are linked, but mainly it is through the marriage of Harrison L. House and Edith S. Sampson in the late 19th century.

NOTE: These images are large gifs, and you will have to scroll both horizontally and vertically to see them. They can be printed... I reccomend 11 x 17 inch paper.

House Family Tree, Page 1 - House Lineage

House Family Tree, Page 2 - Pilgrim Lineage (Sampson etc.)

The next two links are to pages of footnotes, which reference the two Tree diagrams.

Notes to Page 1

Notes to Page 2

The last links are to additional information and photos relevant to the family tree.

Image of the Griffin Underwater - Samuel House immigrated to America in 1636 on the boat the Griffin. This wreck of this boat was recently discovered underwater.

John Brewster

William Brewster

John Lothrop